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We are a traditional church focused on the authority of the Bible, God’s Word. In June 1856 several Seventh Day Baptist families settled in the Dodge Center, MN area, having moved westward from New Jersey and Wisconsin. Motivated by their deep faith and gratitude to God, they celebrated their first Sabbath together with worship two days after their arrival in their new home.  The congregation was organized in 1859 as the Wasioja-Ashland Seventh Day Baptist Church. The Church moved to its present location in 1872, bringing the original building with it, and changing its name to Dodge Center Seventh Day Baptist Church. We have been actively serving the Dodge County community for more than 160 years. In 2020, the church changed its name to 'Anchor of Hope Church, a Seventh Day Baptist Congregation'.

We are a member congregation of the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference, USA and Canada, LTD. Seventh Day Baptist history begins in England in the 1650’s as a part of the English Separatist Movement. The first Seventh Day Baptist Church in America was organized in 1673 in Providence, Rhode Island. Seventh Day Baptist continue to emerge around the globe and have formed the Seventh Day Baptist World Federation.


While we appreciate our history and heritage, our ministry takes place in real time. Our worship reflects an appreciation of our history and heritage as well as a willingness to acclimate to our present culture. Therefore our worship includes both traditional hymns and contemporary worship songs. Spiritual growth opportunities are no longer limited to face-to-face meetings. In addition to traditional training, we now use a new on-line training platform, RIGHT NOW MEDIA, which offers 14,000 video Bible Studies, children’s programs, and training classes. We use some of these programs in our Sabbath School classes, and offer subscriptions to our congregation for use at home. This allow us to encourage multiple opportunities for spiritual growth and communication without crowding already busy lives without adding more meetings at the Church facility.

We also offer courses on emotionally healthy spirituality and relationships. These personalized courses are done in person and online to the community. 


Our worship is family oriented and multi-generational, with a special learners’ worship experience  for children age 5 and younger during the weekly message. We offer classes to encourage spiritual growth during our Sabbath School hour for all ages. There are youth fellowship opportunities available as well. Summer Camp experiences takes place at Camp Wakonda, outside of Milton, WI during July each summer. Scholarship assistance is available.

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